Practical information 2024-2025

Details about the composition of the programme can be found here.
Details about admission criteria and application procedure can be found here.

Deadline for application for students with a Belgian or Dutch diploma is 1 September 2024.  Decisions are communicated before  15 September.

Deadline for application for  other students who do not need a visa to stay in Belgium is 15 May 2024. Decisions are communicated before  1 June.

Deadline for application for  students who  need a visa to stay in Belgium is 15 February 2024. Decisions are communicated before  1 March.

Enrolling institutions:
– Free University of Brussels
– Ghent University
– University of Antwerp

Tuition fee: 1092,10 Euros per year (i.e. per 60 credits)

Candidates with a Flemish or Dutch diploma can enroll at their  preferred university immediately after the approval of the application by the steering committee.
Other candidates who pass the selection by the steering committee have to start the standard application procedure for international students at their preferred university as soon as possible.